Heyyyyyyy! A long way since the last update. As you remember the deadline for the last 2 goals was February, well we are in February. Let’s see the status:


Finish BA program in Denmark. I just graduated and it feels awesome, to be honest. Been waiting for 4 years for this moment, looking back I realized that is never about the goal, it’s the freaking journey. Ohh god, so many turns and twists, so many challenges, relations, friendships, cries, laughter. It’s been a crazy adventure but I love what it did to me. My school ends today, but I promise you, friends, my education just started!


Finance: Surprisingly I made more than I expected to make, about 75% more. This means I should reconsider my options and continue with my investment plan.

Future Plans: 

With a Bachelor Degree in Design, I just secured my second plan in case my entrepreneur dream fails. The way I see it, I have plenty of time to learn, explore, try, fail, and repeat. (22 years old). When I started this journey I knew exactly how this day will look like. I’ve pictured myself succeeding and achieving these goals. Now is time for bigger ones!

I have resigned from my job, where I worked as Head of Design Department and moved to Romania for an undefined period of time to purchase my dream:  full-time entrepreneur. I see Romania as a good playground, where the market is growing, lots of opportunities and lots of obstacles as well :). Another reason for choosing Romania is the cost of living. Considering this prices my burn rate will be significantly lower.


I would like to say a big THANK YOU for my previous colleagues at work. I’ve learned so much from them in these 2 years and I am deeply grateful for this opportunity!


Let’s see where this journey will take us! I will end by quoting a visitor of this blog:

“Screw motivation. It is unreliable. You need discipline.
Head down, shoulders up. Discipline is freedom.

Pulling for you, brother.

Get after it.

// SG”


I am following your advice, my friend.