About me

Who am I? 

Probably the hardest question you will ever ask yourself. 

Now I can write a lot about who I think I am, but I will try to write only facts and not what I think.

Ok. let’s do it! 

My name is Vladislav. I was born in the Republic of Moldova, raised in Romania and educated in Denmark. At the moment, I am 24 years old. 

Fun fact: I started this blog at 21 while I was still a student 🙂

The story

I stayed for 7 years in Republic in Moldova, and then I moved to Romania. 

The story began somewhere around 2006 (I was 11 at that time), when I received my first personal computer( back then, it was expensive to own a PC, and my family was struggling a lot in terms of finance).

I can say it was my first love. First I started to learn about hardware, I was repairing and replacing the parts of my friend’s computers for some extra cash :).

Later I went to high school and decided that I want to be a great coder. After a strong introduction in C++, Math and Math, and again Math…I stopped. I wanted something different, more freedom, a branch that would give me a dose of creativity every day. From here started my passion for design.

Since Romania doesn’t offer too many opportunities in this direction, I decided to leave in Denmark for education focused more on my needs. I studied 2 years of Multimedia Design in Kolding and 1,5 Digital Concept Development in Aarhus. 

I got a bachelor’s degree in Digital Concept Development and some awesome friends. 

me holding my bachelor degree in digital concept development

On 29 February 2015, I founded OurDesignCenter, a community created by designers for designers. (sold the business in 2017)

Throughout school, I did freelancing on Upwork and other offline student jobs to support myself.

Here are some of the reviews I got from Upwork 🙂 

reviews from Upwork
Reviews from Upwork 2

First offline job in the field

In September 2016, I got a part-time job as a Graphic Designer at a webshop in Aarhus. 

I am not gonna lie, it was pretty hard to manage my time. Let alone the fact I was basically a stranger who knew 0 danish, I had to adapt fast to the danish culture, improve my graphic design skills, study at school and pass my exams at the same time. So, 0 social life 🙂 (but trust me, I had enough of it in the first 2 years xD

9 months later, I come up with new ideas for the company. I gave 150% every time I stepped into my office. I was working so hard that the company basically had to promote me as the Head of the Design Department. 

I was the youngest employee and got a personal assistant ^_^.

2018 – New year new me xD

2018, I desire to succeed even more strongly. Got fresh ideas. My focus was on track again. Even hungrier. I was free to do anything I want. Everything aligned.

And I discovered there is an opportunity in Romania. European Union was giving 40.000 euro to new entrepreneurs. 

I took the decision to resign from my job and move back to Romania to start my entrepreneurial journey.  Applied for the program in March.

April 2018. I start going to the gym 3 times a week.

Got my baby, my first car paid with my own money.

my first car

2019 – Digital Agency is born

New year, high hopes.

I make all the necessary documents to meet the requirements of the European Union investment program.

On April 14, 2019, I set up the digital agency UNO SOFT. Back to what I know best. Web design and digital marketing

September 2019

The funds from the European Union are in the account. I start the activity of the company. Build the website for the agency (one for Romanian Market and one for International Market) 

I decide to hire a web developer. Feels nice to have a colleague. 

In the last months of the year, we focus on getting clients and building a beautiful portfolio.

I create a short term plan and a long term plan for the Digital Agency.


Crazy year, covid pandemic have forced people to change their behavior in many ways.

I’m scared those same epidemic fears will limit trade, harm partnerships in multiple sectors, business and otherwise and ultimately culminate in a financial crisis.

It made me think about how dependent my business is on the market situation. It made me think about how I should start creating more multiple revenue streams.

The website for the Romanian market is finally starting to rank. I only post original and valuable content. I write the articles myself. Since my time is limited I can write max 10.000 words per month.

Who knows what adventures will bring next year.
Make sure to refresh this page because I plan to update it.

Leave me a comment so I can appreciate you for taking the time to read this.


UPDATE: Personal achievements that I am most proud of