Hey 2017,

I am in train to CPH, going to a friend for a night. Having 3 hours at disposal I thought to update my blog. Probably this will be the last update for this year, let’s talk a bit about how was 2017 🙂


Let’s begin with this month, December.

Very busy month, I had juggle with work and school and besides that when I was in the Republic of Moldova to visit my grandparents I found out that we are being evacuated from our apartment. It looks like the guy that was supposed to pay the rent was actually spending the money on something else. When I return to Denmark I had 3 days to find an apartment, pack all the stuff and leave. It was such a crazy adventure and I found out how it is to sleep with the fear that the next day someone will come for you.


Finally, got some luck and found a room in the city centre, where I met my roommate. He is a Lithuanian student at architecture. We already got some crazy memories together, hahaha.

I managed to write my main thesis and in January I have to defend it. Which means if I pass this exam I will END my school and complete one more goal.

From a financial point of view I successfully reached my goal from the beginning of December..and last week surprisingly I made around xxxx $. I am really grateful for what happened, but I discovered that I don’t feel happier if I make more money. If I fulfil my basic needs, the level of happiness stays the same. And slowly I realized that I am not in the game for money, but for the LEGACY.

From an emotional point of view at the middle of the year I had a breakup after 3 years of relationship. At this point I am very happy and thankful for all these 3 years, I felt what it means to have a mature relationship, I felt what it means to fight and survive together. I smile and remind with pleasure all the moments, even the bad ones hehe. I made a pretty vivid image of what I want from future women/relations.


Another important lesson, a failure can lead you to an amazing experience. Life can be tricky and sometimes we see only what’s in front of us..but sometimes a closed door can be a good thing for your future.

2017 was a year I will not forget too soon. Full of adventure, successes and failures, met a lot of strong and unique personalities. I managed to fulfil my personal development goal for this year: learn finance. Read over 20 brilliant books, which helped me to accumulate wealth and become a better communicator. I learned to appreciate more the time I spent with myself and gained a lot of confidence in the process.

Please remember, after low’s there will be always up’s. Especially when you reached the bottom, the only place you can go from there is up.

Next year: learn/read books about nutrition, cook more often, try to reduce junk food. In one word: take care of my body:)

And one secondary personal goal, which I can’t reveal it here. 🙂

After I am done with school I will update my goals and make a review of my financial situation.

Wish you a Merry Christmas! Happy new year! And take it easy with alcohol & drugs.

See you sooooooon! <3