Welcome to another update!
In this post, I will write about what happened with my websites in September.


Let’s start with the websites, this month I am starting to see some small improvements in ranking and traffic.

I am using my content planner to stay organised and focused.

My digital agency is starting to occupy 80% of my time. Which is cool, because September was the best month in terms of revenue since covid hit.

I am hoping we will survive.

Let’s see some stats.

Domain Digital Agency

Month 11

Total word count = 99,926 ( + 4000 words since last month)

We are so close to hitting 100.000 words, in October I will write a study case about producing 100k words in 11 months. What I learned from it and how you can easily do it.

These results was produced with 0 backlinks.

Organic Traffic/ per month = 472 (+60 since last month)

Domain Men

Month 5

Total word count = 50,165 (+16.000 words since last month)

Organic Traffic/ per month = 303 (+220 since last month)

Didn’t expect this one to grow that fast honestly, this one was more like a study case to me.

The domain started to produce $ after just 3 months.

Domain Outdoor

Month 4

Total word count= 29.921 (no change, no articles added)

Organic Traffic/per month= 41

The organic traffic is improving even though I built 0 backlinks for this website.

Domain Travel

Month 5

Total word count = 32,829 (+9000 words since last month)

Organic Traffic is still 0 per month. I understand that this crisis hit this niche, but I expect at least one article to rank ๐Ÿ™‚
Maybe it needs some backlinks, heh.
The plan for next month is to migrate to faster hosting.


Channel 1: I have 8 videos and 17 subscribers.

Channel 2: I have 10 videos and 34 subscribers.