Hi, friends! Today I will discuss my Crypto Portfolio, what I did and some tips.
DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT AN INVESTMENT ADVICE. I am not a pro-investor by any means, but you will find out my return in this blog post.


I’ve heard about BTC in 2013-2014. I think the price was around 400$ – now it is 4200$ :O. Didn’t have money or willpower to invest in it.
I started investing in crypto in February, when ETH was still (42$ – I know crazy times), actually when I heard about it it was around 8-11$ – imagine if I had the guts back then. I remember at that time I was reading a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and it was around 23:00-00:00 when I said to myself “F$#$ it, it’s now or never”.
So I started with a small amount of money (exactly 300$), which got me a return of almost 1000%, that’s 3000$.

The hype was real and I knew I need to continue so I’ve started to re-invest all the money from ETH:
I bought NEO when the price was 7$ (now is 34$), that’s 4800% return, which to me seems crazy to be honest :O givin the
I bought TenX, they have a really nice project and the team seems great. (Read their whitepaper)
I have some Monetha shares from ICO(planning to sell short)
Let’s see what will happen next year with the entire market. 🙂


Here are some tips for future investors:
1) don’t play with more than you are ready to lose
2) leave emotions out of it
3) always assume big players are manipulating the market, making a huge profit, leaving average Joes in negative expected value.
4) make sure not to invest in scamcoins, shady ICO (initial coin offerings), or anything that has +300% daily growth but very low daily volume
5) triple check the security, enable 2FA, use strong passwords, don’t trust 3rd party sites more than you have to
6) do not fall for youtube trading gurus, who claim how easy it is to predict price movement. They all analyze what they did on the fully visible graph after it happened. My blind grandma can do that.
7) even if your strategy worked 5 times in a row, it doesn’t make it a good strategy. If strategy has +2% if you guess right, and -10% if not, 5 hits in a row still doesn’t mean a thing
8) make greed and fear your allies, not your enemies
9) if you are emotionally unstable, do buy&hold

I would also suggest holding your coins in a Ledger Hardware!
Good luck!