Hi, guys!

It’s that day of the month when I have to update my journey. So, when I did all the calculations I have come to the conclusion that I spent way too much money hehe. I have been in Zurich for 9 days (airplane tickets, shopping spree etc) but that’s ok, the crazy thing is that I spent way more when I was sick in Denmark. I was stuck in bed for 5 days without being able to work or at least learn something. In one day I was so pissed that I almost cried (that’s how bad I want to succeed). So what did I do? Totally opposed thing, I started to spend money, ordered food every single day (I wasn’t able to cook, the fever was way too high) at least 45$ every day only on that, purchased different useless stuff, games, digital stuff, the only meaningful thing that I bought was 480$ flight tickets to visit my grandparents in November. 480$ that’s ridiculous given the destination, I guess it’s because of the inexistent infrastructure, no connections, nothing (It’s an 11-hour flight, from Denmark it goes to Istanbul and then Chisinau). In the end, it doesn’t matter, if this is the price to see my grandparents, so be it.      

Anyway, I never spent that much money in a month in my entire life, I exaggerated a bit…


  • At the end of the month, I have: 15400$     (only 900$ this month, really disappointing)
  • 4600$  left till February.


  • I received a 12 (maximum grade in Denmark). It’s actually my second time when I am receiving this grade…hehe. I don’t chase those grades, they mean nothing to me, but I can tell it means a lot for my parents 🙂
  • Only one exam till graduation. Main Thesis and I AM DONE!!!


  • This month I played guitar for the first time in my life. It’s hard because I am a noob, but I enjoy it :).
  • I miss my friends from Romania, in 17 months I visited them for only 4 days… tbh I am amazed that they still speak to me.
  • I am struggling with mood swings.
  • I am starting to understand “me” better, I think it’s very important to find out who you are and how you function. You need to know yourself better than anyone else.


The project that I mentioned in the previous updates is a Viral Website + Adsense.

I created the website on 25 August. Google indexed over 200 pages from the website.

At this moment I have 13,720 Published Words. All the articles are original.

In this period of time, I’ve created some Web 2.0 links with spin articles, social bookmarks and contacted over 20 blogs asking them for guest posts.

One goal completed, 2 left

Bonus. I made this video while I was in Switzerland: