Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ , summer is here and we continue with the 1 million dollar journey.

The plan is to hit 1 million $ from my website network.

This is what I did in June 2020.

Online Marketing Journey Update

First of all, I can not believe 6 months passed already.

It’s crazy how time flies. The world is still a mess with all the problems that knock at the door, but I am pretty positive about it.

Anyway let’s start with the websites.

Domain 1 – Outdoor

This domain is literally 1 month old and it starts to get views in Google Search Console.

It’s a small niche and it doesn’t have potential to become authority. I plan to sell this for 10k when the moment is right.

To sell a website for 10.000 $, it needs to produce at least 300$ / month, which is 10$ / day. Meaning I need around 2 sales per day to hit this goal and trust me this is not that hard.
I am hoping in max 24 months I can hit this.

  • Post +17.000 words.
  • Optimized all the articles
  • Changed all the links to rel sponsored (planning to write about this in the near future)

This month I need to create a homepage for this site.


Month 2. (Created in June 2020.)

Total word count= 22.048

Organic Traffic/per month= 1

Revenue = 0$

Domain 2 – Travel

I said it before, I really like to write for this one. It’s easy, it’s nice to see places all around the world.

I know this niche is really competitive but I am planning to stay here for a long time. I am not selling this website for less than 1 million, hehe ๐Ÿ˜‚


Month 4 (created in April 2020)

Total word count = 15.723

Organic Traffic/ per month = 0

Revenue = 0$

Domain 3 – Men

This domain is done for now. I made all the things that needed to be done. โœ… The plan now is to wait for 2-3 months to see how the articles will position in SERP.

I changed all the links to rel sponsored.
Also, I started to build some backlinks on this one. Let’s see how it goes.


Month 4 (created in April 2020)

Total word count = 29.845
Organic Traffic / per month = 11

Revenue= 0$

Domain 4 – Wellness

Nothing was done on this domain this month. I will wait for now to see if my experiment is successful or not.


Month 2 (created in June 2020)

Total word count = 20.227
Organic Traffic / per month = 0

Revenue= 0$

Domain 5- Digital Agency

From this month I will combine the 2 domains stats. My focus, for now, is on the Romanian market because it’s easier to rank here. But there is a downside to this, the market is really small and uneducated.

I don’t have a content plan for the international market yet. I am just pouring content and hoping for the best ๐Ÿ˜€

I started my first email marketing campaign. I used Mailchimp and managed to send 2 emails with an open rate of over 30% and a 9% click rate. From what I heard this is good stats. One guy even replied and said he wants to work with me.

Stats for RO:

Month 9. (created in November 2020)

Total word count = 82.473

Organic Traffic/ per month = 280

Stats for EN:

Month 7. (created in January 2020)

Total word count= 22.982

Organic Traffic / per month = 21

This website

I am talking about this website.

Here is what I did:

  • I created a new homepage
  • I bought 7 days of Ahrefs.
  • Spent at least 3 days to research keywords, niches, and make a content plan.

And in the process, I come up with an idea for this website. I am already using a lot of tools to build this dream of mine.

Why not talk about them on this website?

So I made my first software review about graphic design software.

I enjoy writing about this and my recommendations are genuine because I am already working in the industry, and I already tested them.

I am really excited about this and hoping to share some exciting stats with you next month.

That’s it for now and see you in the next update.