What I love about this website in particular is that I am not worried about SEO optimization, traffic, monetization.

I can write literally anything I want, or I have in mind.

It feels good ๐Ÿ™‚

To me, this website is like an online journal where I keep my progress.

Ok, so, without any further introduction, let’s start the update.

Things I did in May:

  • We completely redesigned the homepage of the digital agency.
  • Signed 2 new clients.
  • Started an SEO introduction course for the Romanian market. I wrote over 8.000 words till now.
  • Designed a landing page template for the future services we will provide.
  • Posted new content for my digital agency and other affiliates sites.
  • I signed a deal with a writer for 120.000 words which I am planning to distribute over my websites.
  • Keyword research for my future website.
  • A lot of paperwork …

Website Progress

So as I was talking in my last update, now I am 25.

Which made me be more serious about my goals and how I perceive time in general.

Let’s look at the famous table and see how it looks this month.

Total Words73.5968.2569.73224.544
Organic Traffic/Month2082400

I am super excited about these websites and planning to create at least 2 more now that I have more content writers.

Next month I plan to

  • Move all the website on a better hosting.
  • Create at least one more website for affiliate marketing.

My strategy is relatively simple:

For an authority website, get to 100.000 words of content and then start link building.

For a small niche website, get to 30.000 words and then start link building.

So you see I put content in the first place and then link building. It’s because I always optimize my websites for my audience not for search engines.

At the end of the day, the ultimate visitor is a human, not a bot.

This is it for this month, see you in the next month ๐Ÿ™‚