#12 June 2020.

I want to be more organized, I want to improve my work ethic.

Alright, alright. Let’s set some goals today.

As I am slowly building my network I need to create some short term and long term goals.

Let’s take it easy and see how much time do I need to hit those goals.

Just to be clear I don’t take the digital agency into consideration but I will keep count of traffic and words posted.

So that’s why I don’t put a higher goal for now. I know all my domains are fresh so I am not expecting to earn 7 figures…, yet, just hold on ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of that I created a plan per week and divided my websites on different days.

For example, now I know if it’s Monday, I am working on this website, if it’s Tuesday on that one and so on.

  • Bought a new hosting plan for 4 years ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Bought 2 new domains.

Let’s talk about my websites now.

Domain 1 – Outdoor

  • Found a niche.
  • Made Keyword Research
  • Bought the domain name.
  • Built the website
  • Create an article format
  • Posted 4.700 words content.
  • Optimize the speed and on-page SEO


Month 1. (Created in June 2020.)

Total word count= 4.751

Organic Traffic/per month= 0

Revenue = 0$

Domain 2 – Travel

I didn’t research this one that much but I do enjoy writing on this one.
It’s an easy niche, plus I am doing it with my best friend ๐Ÿ™‚
Planning to go long term with this one.


Month 3 (created in April 2020)

Total word count = 10.941

Organic Traffic/ per month = 0

Revenue = 0$

Domain 3 – Men

Got almost 30.000 words posted on the website for 0 dollars, which is great ๐Ÿ™‚

This website is more like a study case to me than a money website. Let’s see what happens ๐Ÿ˜€

Also, because I hit 30.000 words I started to build some backlinks on this one.


Month 3 (created in April 2020)

Total word count = 29.845
Organic Traffic / per month = 2

Revenue= 0$

Domain 4 – Wellness

This one has a nice domain name, only 3 letters. It’s not a .com of course, but still a good domain name.

Again this one I treat it as a study case. I am getting content from English speaking websites and translate it to my native language.

That makes it easy to produce content.


Month 1 (created in June 2020)

Total word count = 20.227
Organic Traffic / per month = 0

Revenue= 0$

Domain 5 – Digital Agency Romania

This month we completely rebranded the website.

We changed the primary colors and added a nice touch to the website.

We launched a free SEO course for the Romanian market and we continue to search and get new clients.

It’s a slow growth of traffic since in the first 3 months didn’t have time to work on the website. But it’s okay for the Romanian market.


Month 8. (created in November 2020)

Total word count = 78.313

Organic Traffic/ per month = 208

Domain 6 – Digital Agency International

I don’t know yet where should I got with this one.

I mean I created landing pages and everything where I present my services but I don’t have the team or the budget to rank in this competitive niche.

I’ll try to find some low competition keywords and try to rank.


Month 6. (created in January 2020)

Total word count= 15.244

Organic Traffic / per month = 24

Total network revenue = 0 / 10$

First milestone: 10$/month.

My ranking website process.

Here is a sneak peek of my ranking websites process.

1.Keyword research

So first I start with keyword research. Here I find my niche than I define my main keyword. My dream keyword the one that will drive me the most money, or the one that I am hoping to rank for.

From that, I find secondary keywords and plan 100.000 words of content on that niche for my content writers.

2.Build the website

Here I connect the domain name with nameservers and install WordPress.

Why WordPress? Well because it’s the best. Sure you can find some cones about WordPress, but for me, it’s the most user-friendly CMS.

You can literally build a website in a day.

I continue by creating my homepage, categories, and install all the necessary modules to personalize my website.

In the end, I create a contact page/ about page and call it a day.

3. Post 30.000 words of articles

Yes, If I have that I might post it on that day. It doesn’t matter if you post all of them on the same day or slowly publish content.

Google is gonna find them in a few days and index, if it’s an old domain they will index faster.

I create a website structure, silo, and a nice format.

4. Optimize on Page

Here I can talk a lot, there’s a lot of things you can do. Here is where the magic starts.

Probably I will talk about this more in-depth later and come back and put an internal link here ๐Ÿ™‚ So make sure you come back on this page.

Other than that I make sure to hit at least 70-page speed on mobile and 90 on the desktop for all my websites.

To me, user experience is very important. When I enter on a website and it takes more than 3 seconds to load I exit. That’s why I optimize my websites every time.

5. Build Backlinks

I only start to build backlinks when I hit 30.000 words.

I don’t have a specific reason why I choose this number 30.000, I just like it.

Plus, think about it. If your domain is brand new, no one knows about it, if you were Google’s place, would you expect on the first day to get over 1.000 backlinks in the very first day?

So, slowly start to build backlinks. Try to spy competitors too and diversify backlink profile.

After that, repeat number 3, 4 and 5 till you hit 100.000 words.

Then, wait and analyze your progress and make a decision.

Next step scale!

Here Is a representation of my entire process in a google spreadsheet:

What else?

I am taking into consideration to start a Youtube channel. No idea if someone would be interested to see what I am doing.

I’ll just try and see where it goes.

This is it for today, see you next time.