My Plan

Hi, guys! I am Vladislav, at this moment I’m 22 years old and I have HUGE motivation to change my life.
What I plan to do with this journey :

  1. Set long-term goals.
  2. Respect and achieve them.
  3. Set a bigger goal.
  4. Repeat.


My background

Born in RepMoldova(nobody knows where’s on map ^_^) – 6 years. Raised in Romania 12 years. Educated in Denmark (4 years).
Born broke, raised broke… Alone since 18 – my parents went to work in another country. Had to figure it out life by myself (hopefully, I received a good education from my parents before turning 18).
Set my goal that I want to be a millionaire in my 20’s.
Been financially broke since 21(when I decided I want more from life), now I am 22, I have about [jgc_cfr]9k euros[/jgc_cfr] in my bank account. Lost my 3 years relationship in the process of changing.
Now back to the present, I have no apartment to stay (I am looking to rent something – this will be a 2-3k hole in my wallet- expensive city + I need to pay deposit also)


First GOALS :

1. Find an apartment ASAP. Move until 1 September.
2. Graduate in February. (forgot to mention that I am in my last semester for a BA degree in Denmark)
3. Have at least [jgc_cfr]20k euros[/jgc_cfr] in my bank account by 1 February 2018 (that’s 6 months left)

From what I earn money:
Graphic Design
3 Instagram accounts (I monetize all of them, but I plan to sell one)
Long-term investment


Why ?

I had some offline attempts before but this is my first online journey. I believe this will motivate me x10, now that I know someone can see my success/failure.
Sorry for typos/grammar, I am not a native English speaker.

Wish me good luck and leave a like if you feel excited about this

PS: I am gonna update this monthly(I will probably expose my financial situation and some of the private events from my life.)