Heeeeey ! My name is Vladislav Vaduvescu, I was born in Republic of Moldova, raised in Romania and educated in Denmark. At the moment I’m 21 years old, but the story begins somewhere around 2006 when I received my first personal computer( back then it was very expensive, and I’m coming from a really modest family). I can say it was my first love. First I started to learn about hardware, I was repairing and replacing the parts of my friend’s computers for some extra cash :).

Later I went to high school and decided that I want to be a famous coder. After a strong introduction in C++, Math and Math and again Math…I stopped. I wanted something different, more freedom, a branch that would give me a dose of creativity every day. From here started my passion for design.
Since Romania doesn’t offer too many opportunities in this direction I decided to leave in Denmark for an education focused more on my needs. I studied 2 years of Multimedia Design and 1,5 Digital Concept Development.

On 29 February 2015  I founded OurDesignCenter, a community created by designers for designers. (sold the business in 2017)
Throughout the faculty I did freelancing, and in March I was able to hire part time as a Junior Graphic Designer at a web shop in Aarhus.
Currently, I am passionate about internet marketing, minimalist design, and pop art.I hope that one day I would have my own business.
Thanks for reading this far and if you want to know more check “blog” website. Soon I will create an Internet Marketing Journey.

Disclaimer: I am not English native so excuse my typos 🙂