Welcome to another update of 1 million dollar journey!

This is what I did in July:

  • Posted articles
  • Opened 2 YouTube channels
  • Closed two clients
  • Defined better my strategy
  • I created videos, edit, and post them.

Let’s get into details.

Website stats

Domain 1 โ€“ Outdoor

google search console screenshot

Month 2.

Total word count= 29.921

Organic Traffic/per month= 0

Added 7.000 words this month.

Domain 2 – Travel

Month 3

Total word count = 17.123

Organic Traffic/ per month = 0

Added 2.000 words this month

Domain 3 – Men


Month 4 (created in April 2020)

Total word count = 34.699

Added 5.000 words this month.

This one is older so it started to rank on few keywords. And as you can see I received a spike 2 days ago because one link ranked on first page ๐Ÿ™‚

Domain 4 – Digital Agency

Month 9

Total word count = 88.107

Organic Traffic/ per month = 331

Added 7800 words this month.

What else happened

As you know, this is my first time when I try Amazon Affiliate, and this month I got my first two orders. One more and I will get my account reviewed.

Another thing, I started 2 Youtube channels. One for the Romanian market where I explain easy concepts from digital marketing using VideoScribe.

The reason behind this is to explain my potential customers some marketing concepts without spending hours doing it. Got 26 subscribers already :))

The second channel is where I document my digital journey. It’s hard for me because I get really nervous behind the camera, but I am trying to get in as many uncomfortable situations as possible this year :))

The plan for this channel is to document + talk about “how to make money online.” It’s a big and competitive niche, I know, but this industry is exploding due to COV, and people got laid off, forcing them to try to find another income source.

In total I made 7 videos last month.

Here is a screenshot of my Youtube Channel:

And here is the link to my account.

That’s it for this update.

See you next time!